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Michael Moore disinformation

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What Michael Moore dont know? Faysal not is King Fahd!

This is a considerable difference not present in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 where is supported the LIHOP theory of Moore (bush = USA = allied Saudi Arabia = King Fahd = bin Laden = Osama bin Laden = George Bush) awarded with the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

Image: Faysal, king of Saudi Arabia first that Fahd, with Mohammed bin Laden builder in Mecca city, father of Osama bin Laden and other 53 people… The bin Laden family friend of Faysal dinnasty and enemy of Fahd family was divised into 2 group after the death of Faysal: 1 moderate, 1 extremist. The imams of Saudi Arabia at every King death, choose who is next between the descendants of dinnasy of Faisal or Fahd

Every is an Inside Job?!

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Inside Job! but alQaeda and Osama bin Laden dont make only the United States attacks. They make/fund also more other attack into world! Truther have a complot for every Alqaeda’s attack?! no. They cant create a complot for every terrorist action.

Image: a terrorist of Bali attack, prison and process. At process he lulz the public for the action of group. This is the first attack make by terrorist not trained into Afghanistan’s camp of alQaeda. Osama bin Laden fund the attack with 35.000 $

Melted con-fusion

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Steven Jones joung, the physics that confusing molten steel with burned concrete, similar to Russel Crowe, the crazy mathematician on  “A beautiful mind”, at a conference on “Cold Fusion”.

the people of the internet

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this “Ghost attack of AlQaeda” dont remember the real “Ghost expert” of 9/11 truther group.

AlQaeda use more time forum and internet for his propaganda


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Undated photograph – not sure
Taiwanese coach Jimmy Wu with who says that 2nd (bottom row) is Osama Bin Laden young in Riyadh.(that remember Lyz Glick speaks of her husband)

he have more skill

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David Ray Griffin, retired American professor of philosophy/religion that make his popolarity with special skill at 9/11 conferences, with his gestures (2 fingers paralyzed addressed to the sky)
(image edited)

half bin Laden family

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Young bin Laden family (22 of 54 child) on Sweden, 1971 (found by a Sweden journal and repost by thesun, and after more other journal).

But is not sure that Osama was here, family dont confirm (see Khasoggi interview into documentary “La face cachèe d’Osama bin Laden”). His friend confirm voyage into Syria and Egypt, not Europe.

AlQaeda supporter says that this fake image was diffused by the CIA to belittle Osama.

like Hitler…

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hitler like
Yusuf Deedat speak of “truth” into documentary: Bin Laden a dinnasty of terror (by Joel Soler): if Hitler win, Israel not exit, we have only Palestine.Yusuf, child of Ahmed Deedat, sheik funded by bin Laden family, follow his father’s work: they are influential Islamic imam in Saudi Arabia.They have known Osama bin Laden and share his jihad.

Richard Gage Study

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how to lose the credibility with a comparaison after more years of supposed collapse study
Image(from video of Toronto Earring congress, Richard Gage speak of WTC demolition with his professional study/images)