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Michael Moore disinformation

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What Michael Moore dont know? Faysal not is King Fahd!

This is a considerable difference not present in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 where is supported the LIHOP theory of Moore (bush = USA = allied Saudi Arabia = King Fahd = bin Laden = Osama bin Laden = George Bush) awarded with the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

Image: Faysal, king of Saudi Arabia first that Fahd, with Mohammed bin Laden builder in Mecca city, father of Osama bin Laden and other 53 people… The bin Laden family friend of Faysal dinnasty and enemy of Fahd family was divised into 2 group after the death of Faysal: 1 moderate, 1 extremist. The imams of Saudi Arabia at every King death, choose who is next between the descendants of dinnasy of Faisal or Fahd