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Middle light, middle black

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Manhattan before and after Con-Edison explosion

Freedom Tower during Sandy Hurricane

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Webcam image from Freedom Tower during Sandy Hurricane, New York 17.00  – 18.00 – 19.00 – 19.30 – 6.00 – 8.00 and Manhattan view 17.00 – 6.00 – 8.00

In the night the electricity powerdown’s problems.

Zawahiri joung and Sayyd Qutb

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Image of a young Zawahiri, born from an egyptian middle class family. In his youth he began to despise Nasser especially after the peace with Israel. He was inspired by Sayyid Qutb, who emigrated to the United States to study, but at contempt in this nation Qutb despise the life’s freedom of the American’s people. The thought of Qutb inspired egyptian’s terrorist, one of the founders of al-Qaida.

Documentary: La face cachée de ben Laden

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Documentary: “La face cachée de ben Laden”, 2004 M6 TV, Zone Interdie (french lang).

A good description of the documentary here:

Reconstruction of the life of Osama bin Laden, very detailed information and rare image, from the insults of the brothers (the son of the servant), to the terrorist actions in Spain.

Interview at: journalist Jamal Khashoggi, journalist Jason Burke, Saudi oppositor Saad al-Faghi, Afghanistan political researcher Olvier Roy, chef CIA Milton Bearden, old Osama’s friend Abdallah Anas, journalist Abdul Bari Atwan, CIA’s agent Marc Sageman, CIA’s agent Charles Cogan, chief editor Washington Post Steve Coll, Saudi Arabia’s prince Turki al-Faysal, ambassador Tom Simons,journalist AlJazeera Yosri Fouda.

Old house

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Between 1991 and 1996, Osama bin Laden house in Sudan, an agricultural cooperative where his training the alQaeda terrorist and make more productive activity (for example: cotton’s cultivation). The buildings is on Al-Mashtal Street in Al-Riyadh quarter of Khartoum.

images tired from documentary “La face cachèe de ben Laden

Arab’s Brigades at Jaji

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On the war between Mujahedeen and Soviet, MAK network founded by Azzam move more international Jihadist into Afghanistan. Soon the Mujahedeen Afghan and the international Jihadist quarreled on the success of their missions, and an group of international islamist separe it from the afghan front. At this Time Abdullah Anas go to battle for Massoud, leaving the friend of war Osama bin Laden. The international group of islamist, nammed Arab’s brigades, chief Osama bin Laden go to training and battle at Jaji Village. Here Osama bin Laden make his vacations…make only 3 battle on 3 years! and more time this battle is only URSS bombing with MIG.

Mirror of Afghan Jihad is the rare video recorded at Jaji, that show the training and battle of Arab’s Brigades.

Panorama web – the extremist site

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Panorama Web, 28/01/1999, the extremist sites.

Tigri Tamil, Hamas, Sinn Fein (who?!), PKK, Algerian Islamic Front… not AlQaeda!

Farm of Tarnak

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The farm of Tarnak, was gived by Taliban at Osama bin Laden to live and build the alQaeda Camp (1996-1998). They have used alQaeda terrorist to kill the ennemy Ahmad Shah Massoud. The farm was builded by the soviet.

More  propaganda video was recorded at Tarnak’s farm, and more terrorist was trained at Tarnak.

1993 link diagram

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A diagram declassified that show the link beetwen terrorist into the World Trade Center bombing attentats (1993), the Salem FBI’s informant on the Rahman Group and the connection with Abu Sayyaf – alQaeda group.

Not the chaos diagrams of Able Danger program.

Wan(n)a be free…

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Wana, Pakistan (2002), the last city were was repoted Osama bin Laden after his escape from the battle through Tora Bora.

Here more taliban search the indipendence from de Pakistan’s government. The American Military ask to the Pakistan if they can make action to this village. Pakistan refuse and start the operation Rah E Nijaat. In March 2004 the big battle between Taliban and Pakistan Army with more than 100 people killed in a week.