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Sudan – the bin Laden street

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Osama bin Laden on the northern Sudan, where was build his street for the government

(image tired by Robert Fisk article, The Indipendent 1993)

Battle of Mogadishu

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UN vehicle burning into battle of Mogadishu (3-4/10/1993).

Osama bin Laden remember the attack in Somalia on more video after the 2001 (es: Tayseer Allouni’s interview) and speak of the attack of AlQaeda at journalist Abdel Bari Atwan, chief editor of Al-Quds al-Arabi (see documentary: Osama bin Laden in the name of Allah)

MAK Network

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Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), th network make by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, bin Laden’s mentor. Azzam makes repeated trips to the US and other countries (not more know this but exist video). It is also known as Al-Kifah, which means “struggle.” Azzam founded the Al-Kifah/MAK in 1984.

Muslim-Americans donate millions of dollars to support the Afghan war against the Soviet Union. The most important branch, called the Al-Kifah Refugee Center, opens in Brooklyn, New York.The Brooklyn Mosque is also the place where have passed some terrorists in 2001 attack (Mohammed Atta).

Azzam was also the co-founder of the Bridage of Arabs a Jaji in Pakistan/Afghanistan, when the international Mujahedeen in war against the URSS separated him from the mujahedeen of Afghanistan.

After the Azzam death Osama bin Laden becomes the chief of MAK network that
become financial conduits for al-Qaeda operations.

Bin Laden and Brzezinski. Another fake…

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Osama bin Laden and Brzezinski in Afghanistan, another fake of truther (Prisonplanet network)

Thanks to 911myth for the analisys.

Robert Fisk interview, The Indipendent 1993

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Years 1993, the same of WTC bombing attack with also Ramzi Yousef, that today we know is parent of Khaled Sheik Mohammed (KSM),.implied with Osama bin Laden into 2001 attack

Suuure, another nation where the radical fundamentalists dont make war…

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In this month the governor of the Philippines has reached an accord with Islamic separatists of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

What make in the next future the islamic foundamentalist group of Abu Sayyaf, founded by Abdurajak Janjalani, people that fought with bin Laden in Afghanistan?

Abdurajak Janjalani also receives early funding from Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a brother-in-law of bin Laden, and Ramzi Yousef (1993 World Trade Center bombing).

Old rare photo

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Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan 1988, probable at Jaji

How many other fake Mahdi can found into 1 billion of arabs?

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Juhayman al-Otaibi, leader of the attack at Mecca City, 20/11/1979.

Prince Sultan appointed Turki bin Faisal Al Saud (close to Mohammad bin Laden, Osama father) at head of Saudi Intelligence, then this ask the help of the DGSE (French intelligence), not Bush or USA (the error of LIHOP truther, like Michael Moore, that do not know the existence of different Saudi dinnasty into Saudi Arabia).

Mohammad bin Laden restructure the great Mosque with his enterprise, but… for this his child, Mahrous bin Laden helped the Islamist dissidents  to carry weapons into the mosque. After the attack the bin Laden family also helped giving maps and plans of the Great Mosque at the Saudi Intelligence. This help the DGSE to capture the dissidents.

The dissidents make this attack for the corruption of the Saudi government, convinced that the leader Juhayman al-Otaibi was the Mahdi (the good guided by God). The protests of this fundamentalists began in 1979 for the introduction of television in Saudi Arabia!

Every dissidents arrested was killed, only Mahrous bin Laden was not killed, but exile in Syria.

In the yeas ‘90 also Osama bin Laden approaches the thesis against the Saudi government.

Today the imam fundamentalists described Osama like the Mahdi.

Coran speak of only one Mahdi that return to impose the Islam to the entire world (New World Order). We have two Mahdi… who is the fake? how many other fake mahdi can found into 1 billion of arabs?


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Hasan al-Turabi, religious and islamist political leader that influenced Sudan gouvernement, Minister of Justice in 1979, founder of National Salvation Revolution ( Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), allied of General Omar Hassan al-Bashir, actual governor of Sudan, with his friend Osama bin Laden.

Into gallery also the “bin Laden street”

Madrid 2004

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The terrorists hunted by the police blowup themselves in their apartment. There an image of the video.

AlQaeda is not only 9/11.