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AEfor911Truth reaches 2000

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Shocking discussion of truth:

> AEfor911Truth reaches 2000 engineeer/architects !!!

> Really ?! but in the U.S. there are about 1.500.000 of engineers and more other architects… 0.13% like Richarg Gage’s organization. AEfor911truth is a statistical error?

An italian article speak of SEO information

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An italian article, YouScoop that speak of information’s diffusion on the web: YouScoop, Contest di Giornalismo “Professione Web Reporter” – il Giornalismo Video.

Video show the base of WTC7

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A video on youtube show the base of World Trade Center 7, before and during the collapse. This point of view allows to know the exact progression of collapse. The link of video included is not the original posted by the author that record it. But the video is cutted on the middle point, where people can see a big cloud that expanding from the base. More says that this video is not included into NIST’s released materials. No one verified this opinion.


What we can see on the video? First of the video’s cut we can see the World Trade Center 7 covered by smoke, low cloud presence on the base plan and the west penthouse on the roof of the building. After the video’s cut we cant see the west penthouse on the roof of the building (disappeared… but on more others videos we see that collapse before), and can see the cloud of the base expanded with “mysterious” force, followed by the collapse of entire building covered by the smoke…

Ironic time: it is very hard to know what happen…


Here more other images of smoke and fire on the World Trade Center 7