Danny Jowenko proof

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More years ago trutther found into Danny Jowenko interview a roof for they conspiracy theorys.

The first interview of Joweko was recorded into Loose Change into 2006 (probably first edition) and he says that the WTC 1-2 was a natural collapse like every can see from videos , while WTC 7 was demolished.
Into Loose Change video, the truther argued that all three buildings was a controlled demolition.

However, the time required to mine the entire WTC 1 or 2 provided by Jowenko (the Jowenko expert and the Scot Forbes words), became an evidence against the conspiracy theories; into more forums, people began to speak of the Jowenko’s analysis like an evidence against the conspiracy theories.

For this Jeff Hill, a supporter of no-plane theory (link), interviewed Jowenko by telephone on 22-02-2007 to confirm his words on the WTC7’s controlled demolition. Jowenko came out completely in favor of a controlled demolition …. but only 1 year after he record another interview.

In fact, into 2008 ZemblaTV, producing a documentary to analyse the conspiracy theory linked with the 911’s attacks and the Dutch television channel decided to interview also Jowenko, like the opinions previously expressed. On this interview Joweko repeat the words given into last interview, but following to reply of journalist for the first time he realized that more smoke see into videos pouring out from the WTC 7 building. This was unexplained like his first word on the resistance of explosive’s  detonators on fire (video).

Another time the expert opinion of Jowenko goes against conspiracy theories.

At the end it must be noted that no one journalist/conspiracist has never pointed out to Jowenko of the collapse of the west penthouse, before the rest of the structure. This would make the controlled demolition of a thesis even more unlikely

Unfortunately Jowenko died in a car accident in 2011.

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