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AEfor911Truth reaches 2000

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Shocking discussion of truth:

> AEfor911Truth reaches 2000 engineeer/architects !!!

> Really ?! but in the U.S. there are about 1.500.000 of engineers and more other architects… 0.13% like Richarg Gage’s organization. AEfor911truth is a statistical error?

An italian article speak of SEO information

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An italian article, YouScoop that speak of information’s diffusion on the web: YouScoop, Contest di Giornalismo “Professione Web Reporter” – il Giornalismo Video.

Video show the base of WTC7

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A video on youtube show the base of World Trade Center 7, before and during the collapse. This point of view allows to know the exact progression of collapse. The link of video included is not the original posted by the author that record it. But the video is cutted on the middle point, where people can see a big cloud that expanding from the base. More says that this video is not included into NIST’s released materials. No one verified this opinion.


What we can see on the video? First of the video’s cut we can see the World Trade Center 7 covered by smoke, low cloud presence on the base plan and the west penthouse on the roof of the building. After the video’s cut we cant see the west penthouse on the roof of the building (disappeared… but on more others videos we see that collapse before), and can see the cloud of the base expanded with “mysterious” force, followed by the collapse of entire building covered by the smoke…

Ironic time: it is very hard to know what happen…


Here more other images of smoke and fire on the World Trade Center 7

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Franco Guaini’s report in Afghanistan 1998-1999. This documentary was recorded on Afghanistan during Taliban regime. On it can found more difference beetwen the Kabul life first and after Taliban war (1994-1998), and an interview at Mullah Akhudzader, responsible anti-narcotics of Taliban gouvernment.

Despite the words of a little group of conspiracy theorists (Afghan war begun becouse the Taliban stop drugs productions), he speak of the trouble to stopping the drugs production, as required by the ONU representant Arlacchi (probably Pino Arlacchi).

Other little references: image of presumed Bin Laden’s house, and  image of ghost heardqarters of Unocal at Kabul.

Manhattan, best map ever

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copyright Thierry Perrain

copyright Thierry Perrain

One of the best Manhattan 3D model was make by Thierry Perrain. He construct a large model rendered in Cinema 4D with more than 2 milion of polygon. Not happy he chose to set the model into two historical time, and now work to build the New World Trade Center.

Image was tired from here: and

His website:

Here a real photo:

manhattan real photo



Psyco moment

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Psyco moment for Dario Fo at jubilation for the election’s result of Beppe Grillo political party.

The conspiracy Beppe Grillo says that Dario Fo can make the new “Presidente della Repubblica”, but Dario Fo retired him to proposal due to old age (and more italian people dont want it !!!).

The M5S party of Beppe Grillo follow more conspiracy theory: Bilderberg, 911,
seigniorage banking, etc…

To make or not to make…

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The idea to make a financial center on Manhattan born into 1946, from the World Trade Corporation with a plan of 140 million dollars. The plan was never maked.

map of the Plan of New York city (1969)


After the 1960, David Rockfeller dreams to build a new financial center at Manhattan: the World Trade Center Project have a cost of 525 milions of dollars. Into the 1958 the Rockfeller’s family participated at the foundation Downtown Lower Manhattan Association (DLMA). This foundation proposed various plan fot the social and economic development of the district. The DLMA was build 11 works, also with the World Trade Center buildings, a heliport, a civic center and with the idea to fill with earth some areas of the East River to create new building zone.

The 2 World Trade Center’s tower was builded also with the help of Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York between 1958 and 1973, grandson of David Rockefeller.

Battery Park City: towers with offices and apartments


The Plan of New York City (1969) planned territorially the entire New York City, make an snapshot of the town and try to identified potential growth and estimate the criticity in order to plan for the long term the best territorial’s solutions.

For Manhattan this plan considered the World Trade Center complex under construction and found the best position for the other buildings: the Battery Park City (residential area close to WTC complex), in front of the Hudson River; the civic center; the New York Stock Exchange in front of the East River.

New York Stock Exchange


Images from Plan of New York in 1969, courtesy of the Library of the University of Padua.

Should be

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Into the Lower Manhattan Plan of 1966, the World Trade Center complex was already provided. The territorial plan of the Planning Commission had the task the structure of the district. To make this, some areas were expected to be used for residential use, others for the economic market. In this territorial plan has been developed the idea of ​​burying the creeks with construction’s materials from landfill to create new building areas.

Lower Manhattan Plan (cover)

Lower Manhattan Plan (1966) make by the Planning Commission

NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell

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NY77, a documentary that describe the Manhattan country into the year 1977, first of the changement created by the new building edification on the area (the twin tower was make on 1973 by Rockfeller and the other building, on ’80 years).

The documentary describe the free-sex club for all people, music bar, the meeting places for gay, the maphia and the riots with the police… and the changement of the area with the edification’s planning that create a new image of this district that into ’90 years change into an most important economic center of the world.


Sidney, crane collapse for fire…

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A simple collapse for fire at a creane structure (Sidney, 27-11-2012)