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Franco Guaini’s report in Afghanistan 1998-1999. This documentary was recorded on Afghanistan during Taliban regime. On it can found more difference beetwen the Kabul life first and after Taliban war (1994-1998), and an interview at Mullah Akhudzader, responsible anti-narcotics of Taliban gouvernment.

Despite the words of a little group of conspiracy theorists (Afghan war begun becouse the Taliban stop drugs productions), he speak of the trouble to stopping the drugs production, as required by the ONU representant Arlacchi (probably Pino Arlacchi).

Other little references: image of presumed Bin Laden’s house, and  image of ghost heardqarters of Unocal at Kabul.

Farm of Tarnak

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The farm of Tarnak, was gived by Taliban at Osama bin Laden to live and build the alQaeda Camp (1996-1998). They have used alQaeda terrorist to kill the ennemy Ahmad Shah Massoud. The farm was builded by the soviet.

More  propaganda video was recorded at Tarnak’s farm, and more terrorist was trained at Tarnak.