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Arab’s Brigades at Jaji

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On the war between Mujahedeen and Soviet, MAK network founded by Azzam move more international Jihadist into Afghanistan. Soon the Mujahedeen Afghan and the international Jihadist quarreled on the success of their missions, and an group of international islamist separe it from the afghan front. At this Time Abdullah Anas go to battle for Massoud, leaving the friend of war Osama bin Laden. The international group of islamist, nammed Arab’s brigades, chief Osama bin Laden go to training and battle at Jaji Village. Here Osama bin Laden make his vacations…make only 3 battle on 3 years! and more time this battle is only URSS bombing with MIG.

Mirror of Afghan Jihad is the rare video recorded at Jaji, that show the training and battle of Arab’s Brigades.

Farm of Tarnak

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The farm of Tarnak, was gived by Taliban at Osama bin Laden to live and build the alQaeda Camp (1996-1998). They have used alQaeda terrorist to kill the ennemy Ahmad Shah Massoud. The farm was builded by the soviet.

More  propaganda video was recorded at Tarnak’s farm, and more terrorist was trained at Tarnak.

Old rare photo

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Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan 1988, probable at Jaji