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Oystein recommend links

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Oystein is an expert in chemistry and materials analysis that followed the discussion about the dust of Ground Zero in the Randi Forum.
He intervened also into discussion on the analysis of Niels Harrit for the 9/11 Trutther, and the new analysis of dust maked by Millette – Chris Mohr.
His blog ( was an interesting voice on 9/11 debate.

A link that he referred is: a blog that collect more American Airlines Flight 77 Evidence.

He also referred this useful link for the dust debate.

His conclusion on the Harrit’s analisys of Ground Zero’s dust: 7.5 kJ/g disproves thermitic material

Behind the Lens: Covering 911

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Behind the Lens: covering 911 is a really rare documentary produced in 2008, tath show the image recorded by 5 journalist/photographer that stay inside the massive cloud diffused by World Trade Center collapse. They show impressive scenes like a horror film with scattered fire and gray colour. Into documentary also image of Ground Zero cleanup.

The 5 journalist are:

  • Don Halasy of the New York Post
  • David Handschuh of the New York Daily News
  • Todd Maisel of the New York Daily News
  • Bolivar Arellano of the New York Post
  • Anthony Fioranelli freelance photojournalist