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Old house

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Between 1991 and 1996, Osama bin Laden house in Sudan, an agricultural cooperative where his training the alQaeda terrorist and make more productive activity (for example: cotton’s cultivation). The buildings is on Al-Mashtal Street in Al-Riyadh quarter of Khartoum.

images tired from documentary “La face cachèe de ben Laden

Sudan – the bin Laden street

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Osama bin Laden on the northern Sudan, where was build his street for the government

(image tired by Robert Fisk article, The Indipendent 1993)

Robert Fisk interview, The Indipendent 1993

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Years 1993, the same of WTC bombing attack with also Ramzi Yousef, that today we know is parent of Khaled Sheik Mohammed (KSM),.implied with Osama bin Laden into 2001 attack

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Hasan al-Turabi, religious and islamist political leader that influenced Sudan gouvernement, Minister of Justice in 1979, founder of National Salvation Revolution ( Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), allied of General Omar Hassan al-Bashir, actual governor of Sudan, with his friend Osama bin Laden.

Into gallery also the “bin Laden street”