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Danny Jowenko proof

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More years ago trutther found into Danny Jowenko interview a roof for they conspiracy theorys.

The first interview of Joweko was recorded into Loose Change into 2006 (probably first edition) and he says that the WTC 1-2 was a natural collapse like every can see from videos , while WTC 7 was demolished.
Into Loose Change video, the truther argued that all three buildings was a controlled demolition.

However, the time required to mine the entire WTC 1 or 2 provided by Jowenko (the Jowenko expert and the Scot Forbes words), became an evidence against the conspiracy theories; into more forums, people began to speak of the Jowenko’s analysis like an evidence against the conspiracy theories.

For this Jeff Hill, a supporter of no-plane theory (link), interviewed Jowenko by telephone on 22-02-2007 to confirm his words on the WTC7’s controlled demolition. Jowenko came out completely in favor of a controlled demolition …. but only 1 year after he record another interview.

In fact, into 2008 ZemblaTV, producing a documentary to analyse the conspiracy theory linked with the 911’s attacks and the Dutch television channel decided to interview also Jowenko, like the opinions previously expressed. On this interview Joweko repeat the words given into last interview, but following to reply of journalist for the first time he realized that more smoke see into videos pouring out from the WTC 7 building. This was unexplained like his first word on the resistance of explosive’s  detonators on fire (video).

Another time the expert opinion of Jowenko goes against conspiracy theories.

At the end it must be noted that no one journalist/conspiracist has never pointed out to Jowenko of the collapse of the west penthouse, before the rest of the structure. This would make the controlled demolition of a thesis even more unlikely

Unfortunately Jowenko died in a car accident in 2011.

How to lose 6 years time?

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A few day ago i have considered why the <a href=””>Gordon Ross theory is wrong to calculate the velocity of natural collapse of World Trade Center 1-2</a> when he mix anelastic hypothesis with elastoplastic hypothesis.

Now we can move from theory to practice.
Architect and Engineer for 911 Truth, founded by Richard Gage, from 2006 has always professed that:
1) a natural pancake collapse with more floor that impact with other floor lose more velocity into impacts and require more time to collapse then a free fall (Gordon Ross PDF to demonstrate this idea)
2) the WTC complex collapse with a free fall (more analysis videofor this idea)
3) the only way to have a free fall is that the below columns was destroyed by explosives like thermite.
(N.B.-other error:confute theory 1 dont make theory 2 exact; thermite does not have the characteristics of an explosive)

Ok, but in addition to theoretical errors, what we have in pratice?
In pratice time collapse show that dont is a free fall…



Manhattan, best map ever

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copyright Thierry Perrain

copyright Thierry Perrain

One of the best Manhattan 3D model was make by Thierry Perrain. He construct a large model rendered in Cinema 4D with more than 2 milion of polygon. Not happy he chose to set the model into two historical time, and now work to build the New World Trade Center.

Image was tired from here: and

His website:

Here a real photo:

manhattan real photo



To make or not to make…

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The idea to make a financial center on Manhattan born into 1946, from the World Trade Corporation with a plan of 140 million dollars. The plan was never maked.

map of the Plan of New York city (1969)


After the 1960, David Rockfeller dreams to build a new financial center at Manhattan: the World Trade Center Project have a cost of 525 milions of dollars. Into the 1958 the Rockfeller’s family participated at the foundation Downtown Lower Manhattan Association (DLMA). This foundation proposed various plan fot the social and economic development of the district. The DLMA was build 11 works, also with the World Trade Center buildings, a heliport, a civic center and with the idea to fill with earth some areas of the East River to create new building zone.

The 2 World Trade Center’s tower was builded also with the help of Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York between 1958 and 1973, grandson of David Rockefeller.

Battery Park City: towers with offices and apartments


The Plan of New York City (1969) planned territorially the entire New York City, make an snapshot of the town and try to identified potential growth and estimate the criticity in order to plan for the long term the best territorial’s solutions.

For Manhattan this plan considered the World Trade Center complex under construction and found the best position for the other buildings: the Battery Park City (residential area close to WTC complex), in front of the Hudson River; the civic center; the New York Stock Exchange in front of the East River.

New York Stock Exchange


Images from Plan of New York in 1969, courtesy of the Library of the University of Padua.

Should be

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Into the Lower Manhattan Plan of 1966, the World Trade Center complex was already provided. The territorial plan of the Planning Commission had the task the structure of the district. To make this, some areas were expected to be used for residential use, others for the economic market. In this territorial plan has been developed the idea of ​​burying the creeks with construction’s materials from landfill to create new building areas.

Lower Manhattan Plan (cover)

Lower Manhattan Plan (1966) make by the Planning Commission

NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell

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NY77, a documentary that describe the Manhattan country into the year 1977, first of the changement created by the new building edification on the area (the twin tower was make on 1973 by Rockfeller and the other building, on ’80 years).

The documentary describe the free-sex club for all people, music bar, the meeting places for gay, the maphia and the riots with the police… and the changement of the area with the edification’s planning that create a new image of this district that into ’90 years change into an most important economic center of the world.


1993 link diagram

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A diagram declassified that show the link beetwen terrorist into the World Trade Center bombing attentats (1993), the Salem FBI’s informant on the Rahman Group and the connection with Abu Sayyaf – alQaeda group.

Not the chaos diagrams of Able Danger program.