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Every is good for the truther

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David Shayler, said to be a british journalist and former MI5 (MI5 dont confirm). He joint the 9/11 Truth Mouvement and give invented secret information on many complots (also 9/11 no-planes theory and misinformation on the iraq’s war).

He was cited by more truther group/journalst and also the italian Giulietto Chiesa. He also participated at Axis for Peace (2005-11-18).

On the 2007 he claimed his divinity:”I am the messiah and hold the secret of eternal life,…”

Into another interview he quoted also the New World Order theory and the antisemite’s book: “we know from documents like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion that the New World Order were going to use control of the money supply to create depressions and recessions.”

Entered into a squat in Abinger Hammer was removed by police several years after. Into the squat he live as a woman with her alter ego name Dolores Kane.

Every is good for the truther…also the ridiculous

the people of the internet

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this “Ghost attack of AlQaeda” dont remember the real “Ghost expert” of 9/11 truther group.

AlQaeda use more time forum and internet for his propaganda