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Franco Guaini’s report in Afghanistan 1998-1999. This documentary was recorded on Afghanistan during Taliban regime. On it can found more difference beetwen the Kabul life first and after Taliban war (1994-1998), and an interview at Mullah Akhudzader, responsible anti-narcotics of Taliban gouvernment.

Despite the words of a little group of conspiracy theorists (Afghan war begun becouse the Taliban stop drugs productions), he speak of the trouble to stopping the drugs production, as required by the ONU representant Arlacchi (probably Pino Arlacchi).

Other little references: image of presumed Bin Laden’s house, and  image of ghost heardqarters of Unocal at Kabul.

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The Saud Family, an good documentary that give more information on the history of Saudi Arabia, the king dinasty and the evolution of the terrorism, included the ’70-80’s terrorist’s attack.

yes, he hate…

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The video where Osama bin Laden says that the Jihad against the USA is the essence of faith (probably pre-2001), another proof ignored by truther.

Arab’s Brigades at Jaji

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On the war between Mujahedeen and Soviet, MAK network founded by Azzam move more international Jihadist into Afghanistan. Soon the Mujahedeen Afghan and the international Jihadist quarreled on the success of their missions, and an group of international islamist separe it from the afghan front. At this Time Abdullah Anas go to battle for Massoud, leaving the friend of war Osama bin Laden. The international group of islamist, nammed Arab’s brigades, chief Osama bin Laden go to training and battle at Jaji Village. Here Osama bin Laden make his vacations…make only 3 battle on 3 years! and more time this battle is only URSS bombing with MIG.

Mirror of Afghan Jihad is the rare video recorded at Jaji, that show the training and battle of Arab’s Brigades.

Wan(n)a be free…

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Wana, Pakistan (2002), the last city were was repoted Osama bin Laden after his escape from the battle through Tora Bora.

Here more taliban search the indipendence from de Pakistan’s government. The American Military ask to the Pakistan if they can make action to this village. Pakistan refuse and start the operation Rah E Nijaat. In March 2004 the big battle between Taliban and Pakistan Army with more than 100 people killed in a week.

Sudan – the bin Laden street

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Osama bin Laden on the northern Sudan, where was build his street for the government

(image tired by Robert Fisk article, The Indipendent 1993)

Battle of Mogadishu

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UN vehicle burning into battle of Mogadishu (3-4/10/1993).

Osama bin Laden remember the attack in Somalia on more video after the 2001 (es: Tayseer Allouni’s interview) and speak of the attack of AlQaeda at journalist Abdel Bari Atwan, chief editor of Al-Quds al-Arabi (see documentary: Osama bin Laden in the name of Allah)

MAK Network

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Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), th network make by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, bin Laden’s mentor. Azzam makes repeated trips to the US and other countries (not more know this but exist video). It is also known as Al-Kifah, which means “struggle.” Azzam founded the Al-Kifah/MAK in 1984.

Muslim-Americans donate millions of dollars to support the Afghan war against the Soviet Union. The most important branch, called the Al-Kifah Refugee Center, opens in Brooklyn, New York.The Brooklyn Mosque is also the place where have passed some terrorists in 2001 attack (Mohammed Atta).

Azzam was also the co-founder of the Bridage of Arabs a Jaji in Pakistan/Afghanistan, when the international Mujahedeen in war against the URSS separated him from the mujahedeen of Afghanistan.

After the Azzam death Osama bin Laden becomes the chief of MAK network that
become financial conduits for al-Qaeda operations.

Bin Laden and Brzezinski. Another fake…

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Osama bin Laden and Brzezinski in Afghanistan, another fake of truther (Prisonplanet network)

Thanks to 911myth for the analisys.

Robert Fisk interview, The Indipendent 1993

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Years 1993, the same of WTC bombing attack with also Ramzi Yousef, that today we know is parent of Khaled Sheik Mohammed (KSM),.implied with Osama bin Laden into 2001 attack